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The Air-King, like the Datejust, was first released in 1945 as part of rolex replica sale a larger collection of ¡°Air¡± models meant to honor the British Royal Air Force for their rolex replica uk service during the 1930s and ¡®40s ¡ª a collection that also included an Air-Lion, Air-Tiger, and Air-Giant. While the Air-King (pictured above) outlasted its three fellow replica watches, it was not until 1953, with the ¡°transitional¡± Ref. 6552 model, and then in 1957, with the appearance of the rolex replica Air-King Ref. 5500, that the replica watches uk model acquired its familiar modern aesthetic. Since then, the Air-King has been positioned as one of the more affordable options within the replica watches sale portfolio, and¡ª after being briefly discontinued in 2014¡ª was resurrected in 2016 as the Ref. 116900 (below).